Publications of the Israel Interfaith Association in English
 Interfaith Encounter (IE)  in the Land of the Bible
VOL. I 1996
VOL. II 1997
VOL. III 1998
VOL. IV 1999
VOL. V 2000
VOL. VI 2001

Semi-Annual of the Israel Interfaith Association

Further publications: 
    Pride and Prejudice
    An Interreligious Approach

    with contributions by Rabbi David Rosen, Advocate Ali Rafi, Advocate George Samaan, Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, Psychologist Hava Morris, Theolgian Dörte Lücke, Bishop M. Castradalus, Sheikh Rajai Abdo, Sheikh Ziad Abu Moch, Bishop Samir Kafity, Propst Ronecker and Dr. Wahlers.
    Edited by Hildegard Mohr and Michael Krupp


The Jerusalem Mishna


 Israel Interfaith Calender 1998-2017 

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