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Old Talmud editions

The first uncensored Amsterdam edition

The first Amsterdam edition of the babylonian Talmud in the printing house of Emmanuel Benbenisti  1645/48 was the first Talmud edition without the Christian censorship after the three classical Venice editions of the 16th century that were almost  completely burnt. All the missing parts on Jesus, his disciples and early Christianity are restored in this edition, and also the dismission of words as goim, nokri, kuti and alike. After this edition all Talmud editions are again censored till the 20th century, including the following Amsterdam editions of Proops and the classic Wilna edition more than 200 years later.
Mishnayot Seder Toharot
Emmanuel Benbenisti, Amsterdam 1647

with a dedication note to the Yeshiva Ohave Tora from the year 1836 in honor of the late Yaacov Lampronti

modern cloth bound

    280 Euro



Masekhet Nida
Amsterdam 1646

The only treatise of the Mishna in the seder Toharot with a Gemara in the babylonian Talmud
The title page is missing. The first page is damaged with few loss of the commentary text. Some worm-eatings, without loss of text. modern cloth bound

    80 Euro
another copy, Nidda and Mishna Toharot bound together.
Titel page repaired, good condition, modern cloth bound


Masekhet Avoda Zara (Idolatry)
Amsterdam 1645

This treatise suffered very hard from the Christian censors. In the first censored Talmud edition, Basel 1570, the whole of the tractate was omitted. After this it was mostly printed without a title page. In this Amsterdam edition it was printed with a title page, but the title page was sometimes cut out for the market outside the Netherlands. In this copy the title page is missing too.
But all the omitted passages in the censored editions are not omitted here, so you find on page 17a the story of Rabbi Elieser ben Hyrkanos and the roman hegemon the original text: "one of the disciples of Yeshu". (The Soncino edition brings this text only in the English translation in brackets as the text of manuscript Munich, but it is the text of the uncensored editions too, like in our edition.).
The same is true for the Rashi commentary on page 27b in the story of Ben Dama and Rabbi Yishmael. Again the full text reads: "Yaacov isch kefar Sachnin, one of the disciples of Jeshu".

Original half leather/paper cover, title page is added in a photo copy. Some worm-eatings with very few loss of text in the commentaries.

450 Euro
    450 Euro
  A second copy in excellent condition, with title page, modern cloth bound
This copy was in Christian possession, all the for Christians interesting passages have Latin commentaries in an old handwriting of the 17th or 18th century on the margins.
    650 Euro

Masekhet Yevamot and Ketubbot

modern cloth bound, good condition

    480 Euro

Masekhet Sota
Amsterdam 1646

This treatise is important because of the famous story of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachja and Yeshu in Egypt. The text is omitted in all the censored editions, but not in this edition. There are light differences to the first edition of the Talmud.
Title page in photocopy, bad condition, few loss of text of the commentary at the upper extern corner on some pages, modern cloth bound.

    250 Euro



Masekhet Avot de-Rabbi Natan, Masekhet Sofrim, Masekhet Smachot, Masekhet Derech Eretz, Masekhet Derech Eretz Zutta, Shmone Perakim Le-HaRambam, Pirqe Avot with the commentary of Rambam
Amsterdam 1645

printed without special title page, modern cloth bound.

120 Euro

Masekhet Horayot, Masekhet Ediyot
Amsterdam 1646

very good condition, modern cloth bound.

90 Euro

Masekhet Makkot, Shevuot, Avot de-Rabi Natan, Masekhet Sofrim, Smachot, Masekhet Derech Eretz, Derech Eretz Zutta, Shmone Perakim Le-HaRambam, Pirqe Avot with the commentary of Rambam

Amsterdam 1645

with an dedication note of the year 1795
very good condition, modern cloth bound.

240 Euro

Masekhet Makkot, Massechet Shevuot

Amsterdam 1645

the last pages of Shavuot (commentaries) in photocopy, some worm eatings, otherwise good condition, modern cloth bound.

150 Euro

Masekhet Arachin, Meila. Qinin, Tamid, Kritot, Temura, Horayot, Eduyot, Shevuot

Amsterdam 1646

Interior in good condition, original half leather binding defective.

280 Euro

Masekhet Zevachim
Amsterdam 1646

good condition, modern cloth bound.

    180 Euro

Masekhet Chullin
Amsterdam 1646

last three pages (commentary) in photocoy, otherwise in good condition, modern cloth bound.

    150 Euro


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